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Precision Medicine Value Based Oncology Launch (mid-size pharma)

Business Situation:

The manufacturer acquired a new oncology asset with impressive patient treatment results.  Decision was made to implement a Brand Product Commitment Program.  The program was designed to refund the cost of up to 60 days supply of product in the event eligible patients do not experience a clinical benefit.


1. Extensive cross-functional team assembled consisting of Specialty & Trade Strategy, Government Pricing, Account Management, Finance, Legal, Compliance Contract, Customer Operations and Contract Generation.

2. Cross-functional processes for internal stakeholders and external customers designed, implemented and relevant Specialty Pharmacy and Specialty Distributor contracts designed and executed

3. SP and SD networks designed, and data strategy and infrastructure implemented to support uninterrupted product access and timely refunding processes

4. Effective implementation of the program was integral to the success of the brand launch

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