Following are a set of customer testimonials, highlighing Altometrixs’ broad experience in the biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device fields.

Extremely Broad Base Of Knowledge

Steve’s been a asset and strong contributor to the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) and the Specialty Pharmacy Education Center (SPEC). His expertise across multiple disciplines in specialty pharmacy, combined with his manufacturer and consulting experiences provide a comprehensive perspective for us to leverage.

Steve spoke at the Inaugural NASP meeting in Orlando/FL on the topic “Specialty Pharmacy – The Inside Story”. His presentation was informative, engaging and extremely well received by the “full to capacity” audience. The well researched information was aligned with the learning objectives developed and required of the presentation as well as the audience expectations.

Steve also developed and authored the the Specialty Pharmacy Primer module for SPEC. The module is a comprehensive overview of Specialty Pharmacy and required an extremely broad base of knowledge of specialty pharmacy, business areas, and the numerous stakeholders involved in specialty pharmacy. His deep expertise and understanding of the multiple dimensions of specialty pharmacy was evidenced in the quality of the learning module.

Both experiences with Steve resulted in high-value deliverables to NASP and SPEC. Steve is a consummate professional with deep industry experience and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Steve as an industry expert speaker, “teacher” or consultant for specialty pharmacy and/or specialty channel engagements.

Gary Cohen
CEO and Founder of the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy, NASPRx.org, and Acting Interim Executive Director of The Specialty Pharmacy Certification Board.(Spcboard.org), 2014

Highly Recommend Altometrixs Analytical and Operational Processes Optimization Capabilities

Altometrixs has worked collaboratively with Customer Operations on a variety of analytical and operational projects. Their ability to quickly assess the operations and navigate our large data sets and identify underlying issues has been a critical step in quickly resolving business issues.

The categorization of our business processes and the implementation of the Customer Operations Dashboard has been a driver of process improvement and performance. The multi-tiered metric approach aligned our metrics from the strategic executive level down to the individual operational processes.

The channel and operational analytics have been raised to the next level with the data aggregating and visualization services provided by Altometrixs. Our data quality, integrity and availability have increased significantly. The department has become a “go-to” area for channel and demand analytics.

Altometrixs was also very helpful in developing the 3PL Management Model. The approach integrating external and internal best practices resulted in a model that aligned areas of responsibilities with process owners and operational dashboards. It has helped establish priorities and focus the operations on measurable performance.

I highly recommend Altometrixs analytical and operational processes optimization capabilities for business situations requiring deep industry knowledge, combined strategic and operations experience, advanced analytics, and the ability to design and implement measurable business and operational processes.

Rich Muskus
Senior Manager, Distribution and Channel Operations, Customer Operations

Sharp Analytical Mind And Real-time Knowledge..

Stephen Lagano and I have worked together in both client and supplier settings. Stephen possesses a sharp analytical mind and real-time knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. His background as a professional engineer provides Stephen with a competitive advantage especially in business process & supply chain optimization. He also is an expert in operational planning, trade and specialty channel management. He is especially knowledgeable about managed markets, channel and contracting strategies and analytics.

Stephen is the ultimate team player, ensuring that all stakeholders are engaged in framing business issues, planning and implementation. He communicates ongoing progress through multiple touch points and prior to completing assessments, pressure tests the results to ensure that they are actionable.

Most importantly, Stephen is always approachable and ready to provide guidance. His cross-functional expertise always yields well-reasoned advice, listens genuinely and has a passion for building both the business and the careers of those who work with and for him.

I never pass up an opportunity to speak with Stephen or collaborate with him on business issues.”

Dr. Oleh Denysyk
Director, Market Analytics & Business Strategy
Genentech / Roche, October 2011

Steve Brought Both Comprehensive Approaches & Iterative Refinements..

Although I knew and interacted with Steve in more than one of his roles while our time at Roche overlapped, the basis of this endorsement is the period during which Steve was in charge of the corporate business planning process. Processes of this type must reflect multiple dimensions: larger corporate objectives, for example, must eventually translate into brand and operational plans. It is the nitty-gritty of real work. Local market realities and functional limits necessarily constrain the larger objectives. A dynamic and productive balance must exist between the creative and analytical effort that goes into a process versus the actual results the business needs to achieve to satisfy its corporate HQ and, ultimately, its owners. It isn’t easy.

During his time in charge of redesigning and implementing this process, Steve brought both comprehensive approaches as well as iterative refinements. He interacted with a variety of stakeholders. He jettisoned that which no longer pertained. He incorporated new thinking, assessing and presenting aggregated information. All of these attributes led to our ability on the executive team to optimize better our financial and workforce resources. Steve brought both a highly personable nature and a great deal of real world, in the trenches experience to the process.

Most important, Steve led the process as a means to an end rather than as an end in itself. As such, he was able to garner a higher quality of participation throughout the organization. He took the organization from business planning to realize operational planning at all levels.

Richard Hinson
Vice President, Commercial Operations
Roche Laboratories, Inc., December 2010

Brand Strategy Implementation

Implemented a Gold-standard System..

I hired Steve in 2004 as the first Director of the Trade Segment at Roche and asked him to build a group responsible for developing strategy and contracting with wholesalers, specialty distributors, specialty pharmacies and retail chains. Steve implemented a gold-standard system for monitoring wholesalers and reporting performance, which gave Roche great insight into our business and improved relations with our customers. Steve is thorough and tireless. He does whatever needs to be done to achieve an objective and strives to do it better than it’s ever been done before. He believes in customers, and that the best way to develop customer insight is to meet with them, learn their businesses, and find common ground. He was trusted and respected by the field. Steve is driven, creative, and never intimidated by a challenge.

Kevin O’Leary
Vice President, Customer Planning and Contracting
Roche Pharmaceuticals, November 2009

Developed Innovative Contracting Strategies..

Steve lead the Trade Strategy group at Roche and developed innovative contracting strategies that were ahead of the market. His leadership and drive for innovation and interest in the various segments helped to move his group far beyond most in the segment. He was very thought provoking in new concepts within Trade and Specialty Pharmacy during my time with him and was a leader in the development of many key developments moving Roche to the top tier of pharma companies to partner with in the segment.

He is a pleasure to work with and has the drive to produce results in an ever changing market. His desire to innovate is well demonstrated by the unique concepts incorporated in his contracting strategies.

I recommend Steve as one to partner with in strategy development around Trade and Specialty Pharmacy.

Dino DeRoia
National Account Manager – Trade Relations
Roche, June 2011

Helped to Drive Account Performance..

Steve and his team were key to the successful alignment between The Managed Market Segment and Trade. Steve and his department worked closely with the Trade National Account Managers and were instrumental in the development of contracting strategies that included Specialty Pharmacy, Specialty Distributor, Wholesaler, and Retail Chain Pharmacy. Steve’s advanced analytical knowledge, strong customer focus, and understanding of the market resulted in development of a matrix-designed scorecard helping to drive account performance. Steve’s enthusiasm, industry knowledge, and positive attitude are what make him a winner.

Maggie Hileman
National Account Manager
Hoffmann-La Roche, June 2011

Organizational Realignment

Led to Successful Game-changing Strategies..

I worked alongside Steve in a parallel customer segment at Roche where we supported multiple therapeutic areas including oncology, immunology and other specialty services. Steve has a tremendous understanding of the trade customers, both traditional and specialty channels such as Specialty Pharmacy and Specialty Distribution. His insights led to successful game-changing strategies for existing brands as well as innovative approaches to support product launches. His talents were in demand on multiple levels, as his analytical skills and his strategic savvy were leveraged by brand teams and management alike. He is generous with his time and energy and is respected across functions, peer-groups and by subordinates. I recommend Steve as a valuable asset to anyone seeking a highly competent and dedicated professional.

Lynn Stansfield Kissinger
Customer Development Director, Medicare
Roche Pharmaceuticals, June 2011

Created Overall Organizational Consensus..

I had the pleasure of working with Steve during our time together at Roche. Steve was a key business partner for Commercial Finance and helped to improve the alignment between numerous financial and trade segment processes. This was of particular value in helping to forecast reserves, deal with audit requirements and creating overall organizational consensus. Steve’s hard work, positive demeanor and knowledge of the industry made him a valued business partner.

Eugene Choi
Finance Manager
Roche Pharmaceuticals, June 2011

Worked Collaboratively With 8 Different Brand Teams..

Steve was my director at Roche, and by far one of the best I have ever worked for in my entire career. He is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in supply chain management, business and operational planning, and channel (trade, specialty pharmacy, specialty distributor) management in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Steve taught me how to effectively lead cross-functional teams, work collaboratively to solve problems, implement well thought out business processes, and to continually think of innovative ways to improve the business. A specific example of this was the business planning process at Roche. When Steve first took over responsibility for this process it could best be characterized as chaotic and ad-hoc. Steve worked collaboratively with 8 different brand teams (each with its own agenda), several different functional areas such as finance and market analytics, and senior management to develop defined process steps and business rules for planning at Roche. The result was a substantially improved process that allowed the business to make appropriate investment decisions for each brand thus enabling Roche to exceed profitability goals over the course of several years in the 2000’s. I highly recommend Steve for any business situations and/or consulting work that requires strong confident leadership, proven experience, and a need to deliver high impact results.

Alex Christou
Product Manager – Commercial Operations
Roche Pharmaceuticals, June 2011

Business Process Optimization

Leader With Integrity, Intelligence and People Skills..

I was fortunate enough to work for Steve shortly after Hoffmann La Roche’s implementation of SAP.

In order to optimize the use of SAP as a fully integrated system, it was necessary to create a paradigm shift in the work flow of several departments. Steve was responsible for creating an”Order Fulfillment” department which was a cross functional team that included Credit and Collections, Customer Service, Reverse Logistics, Issue Resolution and Deduction Management. I was a Team Leader in the newly created group. As a result of Steve’s leadership and progressive thinking the new department was highly successful and was able to take full advantage of SAP system benefits. Steve was a strong leader for the team. He provided the resources and vision for the our team to quickly and efficiently improve processes, increase customer satisfaction, reduce DSO, support the sales and marketing team, handle the customer call center, enter manual orders, manage reverse logistics issues, and handle launches and other warehouse related events.

Steve is a very thoughtful and intelligent manager who fosters growth in his employees. In order to get things done, motivate people and promote a team environment, a leader needs integrity, intelligence and people skills. Steve has all of these skills and more. I highly recommend Steve as a manager, leader and business partner.

Jill Florio
Revenue Team Leader
Roche Pharmaceuticals, July 2011

Delivered Results Because of Excellent Broad Experience..

As head of warehouse operations, I worked with the Order Fulfillment Organization (OFO) Steve was leading on a daily basis. Steve is hard working, intelligent and has a strong sense of mission and most amazingly always delivers. Steve works and interfaces well across multiple disciplines and operation. He has a great sense of humor and tact. Plain and simple – Steve is a highly competent leader and a great person. Steve delivers results because of his excellent broad experience, knowledge and expertise. He is professional and cool under fire. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to work together again.

Karen Desoto
DC Manager
Kuehne+Nagel, Inc, October 2010

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