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Altometrixs is a boutique consulting company by design. It has deep expertise across core strategic and operational business areas in the pharma and biotech industries. Altometrixs value is rooted in its collaborative work model with clients, and the ability to transform the synergies across business areas into increased patient value and revenue potential.

Altometrixs’ Founder

Stephen LaganoStephen Lagano, MS, PE is a healthcare business professional with over 20 years of diverse experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. His unique blend of business and operational experiences has enabled him to achieve significant results both in business and operations.

Stephen entered the pharma industry as a professional engineer building and preparing facilities for product discovery/development and manufacturing. Following a path that traversed the technical and business sides of the industry, he garnered experience in supply chain optimization, customer operations, order-to-cash process and managed markets.

Business process optimization became a passion for Stephen while running operations. He has utilized these advanced skill sets to build organizations from the ground up. The organizational design skill sets have enabled Stephen not only do organizational assessments, but also do the hiring and running of organizations through start-up, operational and transition to next succession of leadership.

In his role as Director of Business/Portfolio Planning and Forecasting, Stephen developed a deep working knowledge of the business side from a big-picture perspective down to the tactical brand level. His responsibilities in strategic planning, business and operations planning exposed him to multiple aspects of the business. He developed a strong working knowledge of the inner workings of a Pharma/biotech company through the evaluation of multiple brand plans and preparing aggregate analyses for resource allocation decisions by executive management.

He parleyed the strategic planning, operational and technical experiences to establish the Trade Segment within Managed Markets. This role closed the loop among the transactions of the order-to-cash process, the development of channel and contracting strategies, sales and marketing and the customers.

Through the extensive customer interactions, contracting and analytics required in this role, Stephen developed an extensive knowledge of varying customer models in the wholesaler/specialty distributors and specialty pharmacy channels. The specialty channels are an area of deep expertise, particularly the specialty pharmacy and specialty distribution channels. Data management and advanced analytics is a core competency and permeates almost all aspects of the work done in the specialty channels. His knowledge of the pharma supply chain and managed markets from planning through sales enables him to assess opportunities on both the business side and operations.

Stephen holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Farleigh Dickinson University in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science in Management from Stevens Institute of Technology. He also has a graduate certificate from Seton Hall University in Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Law and Compliance.

He is a licensed professional engineer and his professional affiliations include HDMA, APICs, ACHP, PCCI and the Council of Logistics Management.

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