Delivering End to End Biopharma Commercialization Value.

Altometrixs combines 25+ years of experience both as a manufacturer and
principal consultant launching products and delivering business solutions across
multiple therapeutic areas.

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Value Impact Continuum

Discover the Altometrixs Value Impact Continuum

End to End Biopharma Commercial Value is realized through the unique blend of strategic and operational business experiences across multiple therapeutic launches, and helping multiple entities navigate complex market and business landscapes to achieve significant business results.

Step 1

Value Creation

Strategic value is created through brand, patient
and multi-channel integration.


step 2

Value Delivery

We transform strategic plans into actionable steps and executes them precisely, ensuring a smooth transition from strategy to practice.


step 3

Value Maximisation

Altometrixs maximizes value through continuous refinement and growth opportunities, driving biopharma business growth.


BioPharma: Seamless Value, End to End

Altometrixs - Your Trusted Partner for Biopharma Commercialization

Trust is core principle of Altometrixs and leveraging its extensive experience creating and delivering BioPharma Value is best served as a trusted partner.

Altometrixs Value Impact Continuum

The Value Impact Continuum Approach Maximizes BioPharma Commercial Value from strategy development through Strategic Execution & Value Maximization. The core building blocks for Value Impact Continuum are integrally related. 

The magnitude of Value Creation is driven by the strategy development effectiveness and the integration into the various market access segments and channels.

Strategic execution drives the delivery of value.  Elements of this are cross-functional implementation planning, defining success and measuring its attainment, and imparts accountability to key deliverables to name a few.

Value maximization can be strategic and/or operational and is likely a function of current and emerging situations. Altometrixs as a trusted partner can help objectively assess and scope optimization and maximization opportunities, or help develop risk mitigation strategies.

Altometrixs Optimizes Biopharma Commercialization Value across Portfolio, Products and Patients.

Altometrixs takes a comprehensive approach to maximize biopharma commercialization value at every level. By focusing on your portfolio, product, and patient, we ensure that your organization achieves optimal results:

Altometrixs Service Offerings Are Aligned Collaboratively
With Your Business Needs

Services are developed, implemented and realized Along Value Impact Continuum.





Who we are?

Altometrixs Founder

Stephen Lagano, MS is an experienced healthcare business professional with extensive experience in the Biopharmaceutical industry. His unique combination of strategic and operations leadership and entrepreneurial experiences have consistently produced measurable end-to-end biopharma commercialization value. He has directly transformed organizations, executed multiple successful product launches and resolved a multitude of complex business situations.

He has consistently applied these skills to build and lead multiple “grass root” organizations ranging from Strategic Planning to Managed Market Segments to Order to Cash. His experiences across Managed Market Segments has provided deep expertise into the specialty and trade channels, customer business models & economics, multi-channel contracting, data strategies and advanced analytics.

His integration of these skills have been applied within and across Managed Markets to develop and implement brand, distribution, channel, and provider launch strategies across multiple therapeutic areas, managed market segments and wholesaler/specialty distribution channels. His end-to-end value is realized in operationalizing multiple business, customer, and channel strategies into measurable business results.

Stephen Lagano, MS

Founder of Altometrixs

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With extensive experience in pharmaceutical and biotech industries, Altometrixs has supported companies in strategic planning, contracting, and process improvements. Browse our case studies to see the difference we’ve made for diverse organizations and the praise we’ve earned:

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