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Data Visualization & Rapid Analytics

Data can seem overwhelming to a point it feels like it’s “too big to use”. Data sources need to be relationally understood in order to be mined for insights and opportunities.

This is applies to multiple sets of data – sales and inventory, specialty pharmacy, payer, returns, etc. Every data set has a story full of invaluable business insights. Some may be short stories that can more readily be obtained from the data and others require much more analytical heavy lifting.

rapid-data-analyticsAltometrixs can help in either area by leveraging data aggregating software and a collaborative cloud platform to help clients understand and navigate their data to identify opportunities and mitigate issues.

Data aggregation can facilitate rapid analytics. This is an excellent tool to quickly identify current/emerging issues and potential solutions. For the more complex issues, analytical storyboarding is an effective vehicle to move multiple stakeholders to a common area of consensus.

Altometrixs combines these approaches to provide a blend of analytical storyboarding comprised of multiple data aggregations and data visualizations.

The visualizations can be leveraged into a variety of “consumables” like dashboards and scorecards. Dashboard/Scorecard examples involve sales, channel performance (SP, SD, and Wholesaler), customer (Physician, pharmacy, etc.) and/or operational dashboards (Order to Cash, Returns, S&OP, etc.)

Data Consumers

Your team and Altometrixs can work together to determine you’re analytical, visualization and/or storyboarding needs and the optimal means of communicating the “story”.

Typical Activities

Data visualization and rapid analytics are overarching terms that encompasses a number of activities. The scopes of activities are outlined below to better understand what services/ activities are provided under this analytical umbrella.

  • Rapid Analytics

    Rapid Analytics is fundamental building block to the service. It provides the means to expeditiously work with large data sets to segment them into manageable targeted analytical areas. It also forms the building block to define and visualize the story.

    Rapid Analytics

    Altometrixs has utilized rapid analytics to assist clients in identifying issues and resolutions across multiple situations. It has also been effectively used to compartmentalize the data into manageable sets of information for further analytics.

  • Analytical Storyboarding

    Some stories are not easily told and this is where analytical storyboarding finds is place. It has been used by Altometrixs for senior level presentations and for designing/communicating comprehensive strategies. It is an excellent vehicle for presenting complex topics because of the mix of visuals and analytics.

  • Dashboards & Scorecards

    Altometrixs makes a distinction between dashboards and scorecards. A general rule is that dashboards are typically used for reporting aggregate information and scorecards are more suited for tracking customer and/or contract performance. Examples of dashboards developed by Altometrixs have been for organizational metrics, sales, channel and operations applications. These applications are well suited to trending and can leverage technology to make them visual, flexible and “just-in-time”.

    Scorecards can be used as a subset of the dashboard to explain trends and/or standalone vehicles to manage, measure and report on performance to various internal/external stakeholders. Sample applications have been developed for specialty pharmacies, wholesalers and outsourced operations (e.g. 3PL, Returns Processors, etc.)

Additional information is available in the business cases and contact Altometrixs to discuss your needs and receive a demonstration.

Altometrixs Case Studies

With over 20 years of diverse experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, Altometrixs has helped many companies from strategic planning to contracting to critical process improvements. Check out this representational set of case studies to see how Stephen and his team have impacted small and large companies alike, and hear what people are saying:

Next Steps

The above set of example give you a rough idea of the type of situations where Altometrixs may be able to assist you. With each individual client, our team applies its time-tested methodologies to quickly, cost-effectively and comprehensively upgrade your team and processes towards a high-performing, industry-leading operation.

We encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation with Altometrixs — to explore possible outcomes and financial improvements that can successfully drive your business.

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