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Setting strategic direction is like setting a course for success or failure. After the right course is set, the critical work begins. There are varying levels of planning required to support the operationalization of the strategy.

Planning takes on different characteristics in various stages of the planning process. The stages range from purely strategic to operational action plans. An important point to realize in the “pyramid” of planning is that a well aligned strategic plan needs astutely designed and executed operational plans to sustain the “pyramid”.

Planning Pyramid

Your team and Altometrixs can work together to determine the optimal place in the strategy pyramid where you need the most impactful assistance. A “sweet spot” for realizing the opportunity is in the Operational Planning, a focus for Altometrixs.

Typical Activities

Planning can occur at multiples levels in the organization. The planning scenarios and are outlined below to better understand what services/ activities are provided under the umbrella of strategic and operations management.

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[tab title=”Corporate”]

Situation Multiple planning processes with different timelines and information needs from multiple stakeholders can result in less than optimal resource allocation decision making.
Obstacles Differing stakeholder objectives can drive an inefficient process that is optimized individually but sub-optimized to meet overall corporate planning needs.
  • Align timing needs and define core common planning elements across multiple stakeholders through timeline alignment.
  • Develop a process that meets the lowest level of common planning needs and sets expectations across the organization for required input and timing.
  • Larger planning processes require the lowest level of standardization to foster creativity while delivering business
  • Results in a consistent process that is more efficient and effective.
  • Senior management decision making process is supported by information that can be aggregated and accessed consistently across the portfolio.
Sample Deliverables
  • Structured corporate planning process guidelines with timelines and deliverables
  • Resource allocation methodology
  • Operational planning structure


[tab title=”Brand”]

Situation Brand strategies not translated effectively into the managed markets, account management and field sales strategies to support achievement of brand objectives.
Obstacles Differing stakeholder objectives can drive an inefficient process that is optimized to meet brand needs but sub-optimizes the needs of the supporting functions.
  • Translate the brand strategic plan into a brand operational plan
  • Brand operational plans are used by supporting areas to translate their strategies into operational/execution plans
  • Brand operational plan can more realistically be aligned with by supporting areas operational plans
  • The brand strategic planning processes is moved from strategy to being operationalized and then executed upon.
  • Tactical planning is more easily done on an operational plan and metrics for success are more easily established
Sample Deliverables
  • Brand planning process guidelines with targeted deliverables
  • Brand planning template
  • Operational plan template


[tab title=”Channel”]

Situation Drug and distribution channels are not always leveraged to increase that patient care or revenue potential.
Obstacles Organizations do not always understand the specialty channels value propositions. There is also a lot of confusion regarding available services and the true need and/or belief in the ability to deliver services
  • Assess organizational understanding and readiness of the channels
  • Assess brand/channel requirements and the potential alignment opportunities
  • Develop channel strategies in alignment with brand needs and legal/regulatory compliance assessments
  • Develop channel customer evaluation tools to support channel partner selection
  • Clear strategic direction and value proposition to align all other resources to support
  • Alignment between brand requirements and channel service capabilities
  • Provides content for developing any supporting contracting strategies
Sample Deliverables
  • Prepare organizational educational materials
  • Develop strategic channel and/or distribution plan
  • Develop channel contracting strategy


[tab title=”Operational”]

Situation The execution phase of many strategies is lost in the strategic translation. Operational planning focuses on the translation to ensure the “right” focus is on the “right” priorities.
Obstacles Sales and marketing organizations have a tendency to think anything is possible all the time. Realistic planning within operational constraints establishes realistic expectations.
  • Build a matrix of strategic to operational goals
  • Identify any constraints and potential solutions to overcome
  • Establish success measures
  • Frame out an operational dashboard
  • Alignment between brand requirements and operations capabilities
  • Clear operational objectives to plan and execute against
Sample Deliverables
  • Operational execution plan
  • Strategy/operations objectives alignment matrix
  • Operational Dashboard



Altometrixs Case Studies

With over 20 years of diverse experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, Altometrixs has helped many companies from strategic planning to contracting to critical process improvements. Check out this representational set of case studies to see how Stephen and his team have impacted small and large companies alike, and hear what people are saying:

Next Steps

The above set of example give you a rough idea of the type of situations where Altometrixs may be able to assist you. With each individual client, our team applies its time-tested methodologies to quickly, cost-effectively and comprehensively upgrade your team and processes towards a high-performing, industry-leading operation.

We encourage you to schedule a complimentary consultation with Altometrixs — to explore possible outcomes and financial improvements that can successfully drive your business.

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