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Specialty Channel Management

The complexity of the specialty channels is increasing across multiple dimensions throughout the channels and across stakeholders. Specialty channel management services are designed to support multiple areas from strategy to contracting to data acquisition/utilization through operational execution. Altometrixs partners with their clients to add value where the client needs it most with the end goal to maximize channel performance.

Specialty Channel management

Typical Activities

The development of channel strategies is a critical foundational step but the execution of that strategy is where value is truly added. Aligning the channel strategy with the respective contracting and data strategies is critical to support the execution, assess performance, and calculate appropriate payments for services.

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[tab title=”Channel Strategy”]

Situation Drug and distribution channels are not always leveraged to their fullest potential to increase patient care and revenue potential.
Obstacles Organizations do not always fully realize the specialty channels value propositions. There is an opportunity to align required and/or available services & data with ability of channel partners to deliver required services.
  • Assess organizational understanding and readiness of the channels
  • Assess brand/channel requirements and the potential alignment opportunities
  • Define service requirements based on business and brand needs
  • Develop strategic channel options
  • Develop channel customer evaluation tools to support channel partner selection
  • Develop data strategy
  • Clear strategic direction and value proposition to align all other resources to support
  • Alignment between brand requirements, data requirements and channel service capabilities
  • Provides content for developing any supporting contracting and data strategies
Sample Deliverables
  • Strategic channel and/or distribution plan
  • Channel contracting strategy
  • Data strategy – acquisition and management


[tab title=”Contracting”]

Situation The value in contracting is the value delivered meets or exceeds the contractual terms of service. The art is in defining and designing the “right” contract to meet business needs.
Obstacles The decision to contract requires agreement between various areas within the organization on the need and value to contract. Interests are different and aligning interests is important to making an unbiased decision.
  • Benchmarking the channel
  • Develop channel value propositions
  • Fair Market Value Assessments
  • Develop contracting strategy
  • Design contracts that can be integrated with involved stakeholders
  • Develop the data strategy integral to the contracting strategy
  • Develop contracts and performance metrics
  • Comprehensive contracting strategy based on an object value assessment
  • Operationalized and measurable contracts
Sample Deliverables
  • Contract templates
  • Data templates and exhibits
  • Contracting execution plan
  • Contract metrics


[tab title=”Channel Execution”]

Situation Managing and measuring channel performance is easier said than done. Having the appropriate work processes, systems and analytics in place is essential to realizing channel value.
Obstacles The issues are usually involving contracts that are difficult to operationalize. The organization lacks adequate sales information/inventory management systems, defined process ownership and/or analytical capabilities.
  • Assess organizational and system capabilities and potential
  • Assess existing work processes and modify or design work processes that work for the organization
  • Perform analytics on both the forward and reverse distribution processes
  • Develop channel dashboards and customer scorecards
  • Design integrated contract management/monitor payment processes
  • Contracts that can be effectively managed and monitored
  • Systems that can be leveraged to optimize internal resources
  • Data and information that is used proactively to manage the channel and support business decisions
Sample Deliverables
  • Channel Operations playbook
  • Data Utilization Plan inclusive of data flows, data to stakeholder matrices and process work flows
  • Channel dashboard
  • Customer scorecards



Altometrixs Case Studies

With over 20 years of diverse experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, Altometrixs has helped many companies from strategic planning to contracting to critical process improvements. Check out this representational set of case studies to see how Stephen and his team have impacted small and large companies alike, and hear what people are saying:

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